Save San Diego Opera!

There’s a movement taking off that’s organizing people to try and keep San Diego Opera from closing it’s doors.

If you think that San Diego Opera shouldn’t give up without a fight; if you think they should more thoroughly explore all options before voting to surrender; if you think that the announcement  to fold created more questions than answers – Sign the petition.

I called San Diego home for nearly 5 years. I worked at San Diego Opera in some capacity the whole time I was there. San Diego Opera is a tremendous part of the cultural lives of the people of Southern California. Not only that, it is a tremendous part of the cultural economy. There are many artists who rely on San Diego Opera for a large part or, in some cases, ALL of their yearly income. I know that not everyone in the Arts business believes that San Diego Opera, with its current leadership and business model, should be saved. But these people are doing everything they can to save something that they love, as well as something they rely on for their livelihood. They’re looking for a show of support from the local community and from the broader artistic community.

If they manage to save the company, rest assured, there WILL be a restructuring! The company cannot continue with its present leadership or business model. That’s why they threw in the towel. But if you think that they at least deserve a CHANCE to save a nearly 50-year-old cultural institution, then how about showing them a little support by signing their petition and Liking their Facebook page.


Join the Facebook page.

Or, if you Tweet – @savesdopera