San Diego Opera – Another Titan Falls

Too many thoughts, and yet, no words…

No, that’s not true. There are words:

“Sadness” – for my friends and colleagues, who have not only lost a major source of income, but a much-needed, high-quality artistic outlet; one that contributed greatly to the development of my talents as a performer.

“Anger” – toward the community and administration that allowed a nearly 50-year-old institution to fall into difficulty and, eventually, crisis.

“Fear” – that this is yet another symptom of an unhealthy support system that needs restructuring if the genre is to survive

“Hope” – that there are still many dedicated individuals who give their all on a daily basis to ensure that Art has a place in our often ungrateful society.

“Certainty” – that as long as there are Artists, there will be Art, whether or not there are institutions in place to produce it.

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By Michelle Kei Taylor

By Michelle Kei Taylor

I encourage you all to join the conversation. Leave a comment to start a dialog. I think we’re all going to have to get more involved in the business aspect of the Arts. I’m not just talking about artists! We need more audience participation, too!

The more people we have participating in the discussion, the better the chances that we can really make changes for the better. I’m not going to get preachy… alright, I’ll TRY not to get preachy, but if you’re passionate about something, occasionally that passion is going to show… and it SHOULD!!!

Let’s all get passionate about the Arts! Art should live! Art should breathe! Art should resonate with the observer – move them in a palpable way! We need to give up the tired, old museum-style of presenting opera, while still preserving the hallowed traditions of a centuries-old acoustic art form. Some companies are already finding ways to innovate, but they are the exception to the norm.

Advancements are made by taking risks, not by playing it safe. Let’s step outside of the box together. Our collective effort will have much better results than all of us working individually.

Oh My!!

Robert A. Taylor with George Takei at Arkansas Symphony Orchestra

Robert A. Taylor with George Takei at Arkansas Symphony Orchestra

Yes! It’s true! George Takei and I were performing with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra together.  What an amazing man!

Taconic Opera


by Gioachino Rossini

with Taconic OperaItaliana
In Italian with English Supertitles

Yorktown Stage Performances:
Student Performance by reservation: Thursday, March 6, 2014 10:00amPublic Performances:
Saturday, March 8, 2014 8:00pm
Sunday, March 9, 2014 2:00 pmStepinac Theater White Plains Performance:
Sunday, March 16, 2014 2:00pm

Owning my brand.

By Michelle Kei Taylor

By Michelle Kei Taylor

In an effort to heed the advice of the PR gurus, I’m taking ownership of my brand. Since no one can advocate for “me” better than me, I’m going to take advantage of the social media revolution.
I’m going to try and be more proactive about engaging my audience.
Not everything I post will be about me. I’ll post articles I’ve read that I think are relevant to the Arts, Singing, Marketing or it might just be something I thought was worth a Share.
The old regime is faltering, so it’s time for us to take up the mantle and see what we can do to elevate this art form that elevates us!!! Who’s with me!?!?