Opera Matters = The Arts DO Matter to our Humanity!

Michelle Kei Ishuu

Hello Everyone,

Save San Diego Opera Save San Diego Opera

As someone who worked for San Diego Opera and lived in San Diego for 5 years, I am San Diego Opera.  I can’t be there to help campaign to SAVE my beloved company, but I can implore you to help.  I love the community, the city, its people and its Opera.  Please sign the petitions, view the videos, visit the websites, Facebook page, and Twitter and help spread the word to all your friends; Even if you have never been to San Diego or even seen an Opera.  If we can help prevent the unnecessary closure of one Giant opera company, we can send a message to the WORLD that “Opera Matters = The Arts DO Matter to our Humanity, Economy and as a Culture!”

View here to see my wonderful Opera family fighting to save their livelihood:

Sign the Petitions here:  (And

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