Germont, La Traviata, Opera in the Heights

Giorgio Germont, was sung with a voice of strong, yet mellow, baritonal heft by Robert Aaron Taylor… and… “Di provenza” was sung with deep feeling.

-ArtAndHockey, “OH! La Traviata and VIVA VERDI!”/Christa Cooper/October 2013


Giorgio Germont in La Traviata with Hubbard Hall Opera Theater

Giorgio Germont in La Traviata with Hubbard Hall Opera Theater

Germont, La Traviata, Hubbard Hall Opera Theater

Robert Aaron Taylor, as Alfredo’s father, sang with wonderful line, resonant tones and finished phrases. He, too, was most effective in the final scene, as he realizes the harm he has done.

-The Daily Gazette, “‘La Traviata’ thrives despite modern touches” /Geraldine Freedman/February 2013

The highlight of the production was the Violetta/elder Germont duet… Every facet of the duet was made vivid. Robert Aaron Taylor, as the elder Germont in his lyrical stillness, convinced me that he was not a villain, not a bigot, but full of remorse for his very faith.  This part of the opera was really first-rate.

-The Berkshire Review, “‘A Singer’s Notes 65: Hubbard Hall Opera Theater’s La Traviata at Proctor’s, Schenectady/Keith Kibler/February 2013


Mr. TenenbaumIl Consulente Matrimoniale, Garden State Opera

The Counselor Mr. Tenenbaum, interpreted by baritone Robert Aaron Taylor, in addition to his authoritative scenic presence, has displayed a voice of good quality in the aria ‘Sono un vecchio saggio’ and a perfect diction of the Italian language.

-America Oggi, “NY-Opera/Applausi per il compositore Santelli Consulente messaggero d’amore”/Franco Corsaro – Translated by Francesco Santelli/2012


Rigoletto in Rigoletto with Rimrock Opera

Rigoletto in Rigoletto with Rimrock Opera

Rigoletto, Rigoletto, Rimrock Opera

But it was Robert Aaron Taylor as Rigoletto, the hunchbacked court jester, who created a solid foundation for the entire performance. Mr. Taylor showed us right from the beginning scene that Rigoletto’s own bitterness, superstitions, and Italian love of the vendetta would lead to tragedy in the classic sense. Yet I found myself silently saying to him, don’t do it, don’t do it! He did.

-Billings Outpost/Sharie Pyke/2011

..during a recent rehearsal, even though the performers were dressed in jeans… (observers) were so caught up in baritone Robert Aaron Taylor’s gut-wrenching aria in the title role of the Duke’s jester, their jaws fell open.

Singing in the role of the tortured father with the sharp tongue, Taylor is striking, with rich tones and control even though he collapses weeping during his aria.

-Billings Gazette, “Rimrock Opera readies Verdi’s ‘Rigoletto”/Jaci Webb/2011


Figaro in The Marriage of Figaro with Rimrock Opera

Figaro in The Marriage of Figaro with Rimrock Opera

Figaro, The Marriage of Figaro, Rimrock Opera

Populated by vivacious singers brought back by popular demand, the cast lineup includes baritone Robert Aaron Taylor in the title role. He played the show-stealing quack, Dr. Dulcamara, in Rimrock Opera’s ‘Elixir of Love.’

-Billings Gazette, “Tickets on sale for ‘Figaro’”/2008

Robert Aaron Taylor, who showed off his comedic side as Dr. Dulcamara in ROC’s ‘The Elixir of Love,’ plays the gallant title character. Although he’s a foundling, Figaro proves he has more class than his boss, the Count. Taylor spices up the role with his rich baritone.

-Billings Gazette, “Sets, Costuming enhance ‘Figaro”/Jaci Webb/2008

Dr. Dulcamara in L'elisir d'amore with Rimrock Opera

Dr. Dulcamara in L’elisir d’amore with Rimrock Opera

Dr. Dulcamara, Elixir of Love, Rimrock Opera

Pair that with other strong performances, especially… Robert Aaron Taylor’s fun performance as the snake oil salesman Dulcamara, and you’ve got one of ROC’s finest operas. Taylor is a native of Tennessee who performed in Rimrock Opera’s production last fall of “Girl of the Golden West.” He learned his complicated role in “Elixir” in just two weeks after another performer was forced to cancel his appearance here.

-Billings Gazette, “Opera’s humor belies its splendor”/Jaci Webb/March 2008

Boatswain, H.M.S. Pinafore, Lyric Opera San Diego

The entire cast is great! …and Robert Aaron Taylor plays the big voiced Boatswain. Cash/2008


King Melchior in Amahl and the Night Visitors with Lyric Opera San Diego

King Melchior in Amahl and the Night Visitors with Lyric Opera San Diego

Melchior, Amahl and the Night Visitors, Lyric Opera San Diego

The kings made a solid vocal trio… Baritone Robert Aaron Taylor as Melchior came the closest to creating Menotti’s ripe, Romantic phrasing with appropriate vocal warmth, and his character’s empathy was palpable., “Lyric Opera San Diego’s Holiday Offering”/Kenneth Herman/December 2007


Lord Mountararat, Iolanthe, Lyric Opera San Diego

… The marvelous scene between Phyllis and her suitors, Lords Tolloller and Mountararat (Robert Taylor), … especially stands out for its direction and proves these performers can act as well as sing.

-Zenger’s Newsmagazine, “Lyric Opera’s ‘Iolanthe’ Does Justice to G&S Gem”/Mark Gabrish Conlon/March 2007

… and Robert Taylor are enjoyable as the two gents fighting over Phyllis who eventually decide their friendship is too important to risk over a woman.

-‘Iolanthe’ at Lyric Opera San Diego/Jennifer Chung/March 2007


Bonze, Madama Butterfly, IU Opera Theater

Robert Taylor as The Bonze….added significantly to the mix…

-Herald-Times, “Madama Butterfly’ casts offer audiences differing levels of intensity”/Peter Jacobi/July 2001


Mephistopheles in Faust with Indiana University Opera Theater

Mephistopheles in Faust with Indiana University Opera Theater

Mephistopheles, Faust, IU Opera Theater

The musical talent in this production is deep… Robert Taylor and …fill the role of Mephistopheles, the sharply dressed devil who gives Faust both the youth and love he seeks in exchange for his soul. Taylor and… sing with powerful, robust bass voices, and were at times rather funny.

-Bloomington Independent, “A Feisty ‘Faust”/Peter Schimpf/February 2001


Leandro in The Love for Three Oranges with Indiana University Opera Theater

Leandro in The Love for Three Oranges with Indiana University Opera Theater

Leandro, Love for Three Oranges, IU Opera Theater

…and Robert Taylor were sufficiently comic in their nastiness as Leandro, the prime minister who plots against the King and who allies himself with the Princess Clarissa, she being anxious to undo the Prince and thereby inherit the throne.

-Herald-Times, “Players, audience have fun with ‘Three Oranges/Peter Jacobi/April 2000


Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, Bloomington Music Works

…Baritone Robert Taylor plays with lip-smacking gusto the hungry Big Bad Wolf…

-Herald-Times, “Small budget doesn’t hurt ‘Riding Hood’”/Peter Jacobi/February 2000


 Simone, Gianni Schicchi, IU Opera Theater

Robert Taylor played Simone Friday and, unexpectedly, Saturday as well.  It was indeed a treat to hear his wonderfully penetrating bass voice with both casts.  As an actor and a singer, he served as the anchor for everyone on stage.

-Bloomington Independent, “20th century Puccini a satisfying evening”/Peter Schimpf/November 1999


 Pooh-Bah, The Mikado, Bloomington Music Works

Robert Taylor portrayed the humorous Pooh-Bah. He strutted as he sang of his importance — the epitome of every corrupt politician. If you know a politician whose main job is just to be full of himself, you’ve met Pooh-Bah…

-Herald-Times, “Mikado’ charms at new theater”/Shirley Bushey/October 1999

…I must commend the singers, particularly….Robert Taylor, a terrific, sonorous-voiced Pooh-Bah, the fellow in the story who holds all those official positions…

-Herald-Times, “Weekend events tide over music lovers”/Peter Jacobi/October 1999